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Fake Diamonds in der Nordkurve – 1.3.

28. Februar 2013


This early spring, LAB 30 & Jana Kreisl, a local artist present ‘FAKE DIAMONDS’- a series of LAB 30’s accessories more Conceptual than ever before & Jana’s whimsical illustrations together! Still fun &  Colourful, the Versatile pieces are portrayed in an installation with Jana’s works only @ Bar Freitag from 1st March for 2 Happy months!

103, a local Funk band will also play their New songs for the New year  & a DJ set into the opening night will surely put you in an upbeat mood! Random gigs from random musicians/DJs to follow weekly!!  Do’nt miss these Fun nights of Art, music & Design All in ONE!!

Jana K    Between comic, an illustration. Sometimes documental, another  time not, sometimes both. In General, everything has to be  reproducible, originals are daft.
LAB 30     Fake is Fun! Shiny or not, Colourful & not. A puzzle? Or not!  Free to PlaY is All we CarE!!

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